Take Out The Trash & Set Yourself Up for Success

Two tips to habit building for creating and maintaining a healthy, happy, and sustainable lifestyle.

Do you want to lose weight? Do you want to eat a healthier diet? Do you want to be stronger? Do you want to make healthier choices? The good news is you, YES YOU, can do do all of these things.

If you’re anything like I was 14 months ago you are probably rolling your eyes at me and thinking “yeah right”, “Maybe you can but I’ve tried so many times”, “diets don’t work for me”..

Am I right?

Chances are that your intentions are good but your habits are not supporting your goals. What do I mean? You want to eat healthier but you still have ice cream in your freezer. You want to work out more but you don’t have a gym membership or you don’t follow any online workout platforms.

In order to meet our goals we need to show up to habits that support those goals and I have 2 tips for you to make habit forming and showing up to those habits easier. I call it taking out the trash and setting yourself up for success. These tips will help you design your world so it is easier for you to do what’s right for you and harder for your do what’s not supporting your goals.

#1 Take out the trash. Part one to forming better habits is to reduce the ease of making bad choices. If you can’t choose fresh fruit instead of ice cream at snack time then make it harder for yourself to choose ice cream by not having it in your house! Yup just go ahead and throw away the fruit snacks. Don’t have the bullshit in reach. Reduce the likelihood that you will indulge in less desirable habits by reducing your ease of access to these habits. Make it harder for yourself. If you want to go for a run after work but instead you always head to the couch to watch Netflix, cancel your Netflix subscription (yeah sometimes we need to get extreme to change our habits). If you want to drink less beer move the beer to the back of the fridge. What kind of habits are looking to avoid / participate in less often? DM me and I’ll help you take out the trash.

#2 Set yourself up for success. By setting up your environment to facilitate your desired habits you will perform them more often. You brush your teeth at least once everyday (hopefully).. I’m just guessing that your toothbrush is somewhere you can quickly access and most likely see when you enter your bathroom. Replicate that. If you want to work out more move your work out clothes to easy to access places in your drawers or in eyesight when you go into your closet. Place your running shoes in a prominent location, like by your front door. Have your pre-workout visible so it can visually trigger the good habit and it is easy to get to. If you want to eat more fruits and veggies cut up fruits and veggies and have them ready to grab. If you want to take daily supplements don’t burry them in a cabinet put them out on your counter. If you want to eat healthier lunches buy sandwich bags or lunch containers so you can pack lunch from home instead of grabbing fast food. Make it easier for yourself to make better choices. What habits are you looking to get better at? Let’s brain storm some ideas together and figure how to get you set up for success.

These tips go hand in hand and if you start thinking about ways to make your good habits easier for yourself and your bad habits harder for yourself and actually manipulating your environment you will find yourself showing up to your good habits more often and reaching your goals in ways that you couldn’t seem to accomplish before.

I do 95% of the work to maintain my diet at the grocery store. By making the good choices there it makes it easier for me to stick to the good diet because I would have to go out of my way to participate in the the less desirable choice. The result is I eat a healthier diet. The result is I lost 60lbs and counting. You can do it too just take out your trash and set yourself up for success.