These aren’t before and after pictures. There is no “after” when it comes to building a lifestyle. There is no before and after when it comes to being healthy. There is a before and a during but there can’t be an after. You either show up to healthy habits or…

extreme weight loss

Holy shit I can’t believe I’m posting this. I’m posting this because I’m done being afraid of people seeing them. So, here it is. No surgery, no pills, no wraps, and nothing to sell here — just sharing my success but the biggest accomplishment is something I can’t measure and…

I’m sharing it — in hopes to help others. That’s how I feel right now — I want to help other people rise to their own version of their best life.

I’m going to use this series as a way to figure out the big picture, what I’m really doing…

What worked for me?

Again, I repeat: Consistency.

I swear, having a consistency mindset is so important and will prove to be more successful for you than a perfectionism mindset ever could be.

“Are you doing Keto?”, “what’s your diet?”, “what are you doing to lose weight?”.. I hate these…

Madelynn Thompson

Here to talk about Mental Health and Fitness. Sharing my journey.

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